Cannabis Marketing Meets Cannabis Culture - CannBe and Highlife Media Enter Online Publishing Collaboration
March 26, 2020

Tel-Aviv, Israel - CannBe, the fastest-growing full-scale media network in the cannabis industry, has entered a collaboration with Highlife Media, one of the world’s leading online media networks for cannabis culture, community, and trends. 

The partnership between HLM and CannBe gives their clients — a wide array of cannabis companies — access to one of the largest digital audiences in the cannabis industry.

For the most part, traditional ad exchanges have shut out the cannabis industry and cannabis companies have tried to find novel ways to advertise. This restrictive landscape requires CannBe provides cannabis industry brands with targeted media exposure with vetted, premium publishers. Its industry partners are able to use this advertisement network to promote their products to an online audience through the US and EU, which continues to grow daily.

“Cannabis industry entrepreneurs face many challenges, including building brand awareness and sales through traditional ad networks such as Google and Facebook. We launched CannBe to fill this gap by providing a highly relevant media network with cannabis culture at its core,” shared Oren Todoros, Director of Marketing and PR at CannBe.  

Highlife Media is a consortium of digital assets covering the wider world of cannabis culture. Highlife Media’s websites have tens of millions of followers on social media and are uniquely positioned to cover all things involving recreational cannabis from legislation and legalization to marijuana-friendly movies and playlists, how-to guides, and product reviews. 

Marco Cadisch, Founder and CEO of Highlife Media, said the collaboration is an integral step in realizing the company’s vision of becoming the world’s top online media company for the world of cannabis. 

“Together, Highlife Media and CannBe are able to provide the best content and user experience for the world of marijuana, covering both the world of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana,” Cadisch said. 

In addition to Highlife Media’s publishing network, CannBe provides cannabis industry companies with targeted media exposure on a growing number of websites, including Green Valley Nation, an online CBD product review and education outlet, CVGreen, an employment-related search engine, and The Cannigma, a comprehensive, online education platform covering the science and biology behind the world of medical cannabis.

Traditional media networks have so far ignored the cannabis industry, leaving this bustling sector to fend for itself. The CannBe-Highlife Media collaboration brings medical marijuana, CBD, and cannabis culture together to help clients throughout this industry reach their customers better than ever before.

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