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Our vision

CannBe is a media company in the cannabis space, founded by a group of entrepreneurs and savvy professionals in the marketing, digital publishing and cannabis fields. Spreading cannabis-related knowledge is what drives our days and keeps us up at night. 

We are united by the belief that cannabis holds tremendous potential. It’s as much a driver for business development as it is for personal excellence.

On our various owned and operated websites, we use a variety of product, content and marketing strategies to drive thought-leadership, traffic, and sales.

Let’s change the future of cannabis together.

Our story

Our vision

We want to see a world where cannabis is safely accessible around the globe. A world where patients can get the help they need and where cannabis business can grow, unimpeded by outdated restrictions and policies.


CannBe’s founders are a group of entrepreneurs and savvy professionals from the marketing, online, publishing, and cannabis fields. We brought together the best and brightest — each providing you with expertise in their respective domain. We’re united by a passion for cannabis and a vision of changing the future of cannabis advertising.